What do you do when you're sick other than rest or medication? Well, it seems there are things one should pay attention to when blogging. Such as, click the Publish button when you are done, rather than clicking on something else that attracts your attention. Why? Because you lose your post.<br/> So all the brilliant observations and clever repartee that I had just written are now gone and you are stuck with this:<br/> Tomorrow and Saturday are going to be busy babysitting days, so today I am not going to do much but feed the hungry who live in my house, and read drivel. I mean fiction. Not lit-er-a-ture (emphasis on the first syllable) science, social commentary or biographies. Nope, I am reading wonderful, comfortable Jan Karon today. And I am still in my jammies and I am going back to my warm bed to read and drink herbal tea because by Saturday night I will be exhausted and I am hoping I can stock pile some energy. Tho feeding the hungry here takes some time, as the dogs have now decided they really do want egg and peanutbutter sauce on their kibble. (Xyla will eat when I do this, and she is too thin. Zoe just thinks she has found food heaven, as she is too fat. So I don&#39;t give her as much food)<br/> Mr. P will probably be perfectly happy eating cereal and ice cream all day.<br/> So, other than washing laundry and folding laundry, and feeding the above mentioned eaters, I will accomplish little, but rest well. So don&#39;t drop in to visit me, OK? Don&#39;t call me either. You know how much I hate talking on the phone.<br/> I am going to click on the publish button now...


Short attention span, many interests, not enough time.

Mary Ann Moss
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